Southern Hemisphere Open – 2017

Southern Hemisphere Open

Welcome to the S.H.O.

The Southern Hemisphere Open!

Objective Secured is proud to present Perth’s First Annual Tabletop, CCG and Board Gaming Convention – the Southern Hemisphere Open! Multiple organised gaming events, free play areas, hobby workshops, vendors and more. 3 Days of gaming for all types of gamer!

By gamers and for gamers – the Southern Hemisphere Open!

23rd, 24th & 25th September 2017


The Southern Hemisphere Open is being held in Perth, the capital of Western Australia. Perth sits where the Swan River meets the southwest coast with Sandy beaches that line its suburbs, and the huge riverside Kings Park and Botanic Garden on Mt. Eliza that offers sweeping views of the city.

News Features

The Southern Hemisphere Open was featured in the Community news paper on the 27th July 2017 – read the full article HERE

Special Guests

 Games Workshop – For any gamer, pretty much anywhere – Games Workshop should need no introduction. We are so very pleased and excited to have the Games Workshop Australia team supporting us for the SHO 2017! The team at GW will be bringing a wealth of hobby knowledge and expertise with them as well as free 30 minute painting classes, opportunities to play intro games of their noted Warhammer 40,000 and Age of Sigmar Games as well as the awesome Blood Bowl Fantasy Football Game! Top it off with plenty of space to stock a wealth of models and hobby supplies and you have your one stop shop for anything Games Workshop! Objective Secured is so very excited to be working with Games Workshop Australia (and all the local managers who look after us hobbyists!) to make the SHO 2017 great!

Little Robot – When it comes to Mecha, Perth is spoiled to have a specialty store like Little Robot! With a range of Mecha from a host of anime that will boggle the mind (including some really hard to get older kits from the 80’s!) as well as the hobby supplies and expertise to get the most of these finely detailed kits, Little Robot is the place to head for anything Mecha! Objective Secured is very fortunate that Little Robot is also taking the next step and offering free Gundam Workshops with a FREE kit when you attend the session so you can get a taste for what these kits offer to hobbyists! We are very excited to have Little Robot along to SHO 2017!


Paul Kidd – Paul is a noted fantasy fiction writer and game designer who lives in Perth, Western Australia. Paul started his career in gaming with Australian game developer Beam Software. Paul has been writing since 1986 with 42 novels presently published, including 4 of the DUNGEONS & DRAGONS novel series. He published the first Australian RPGS, ALBEDO and LACE & STEEL. He is an avid gamer in all its forms – from Role Play, Table Top and video games and develops his own gaming systems regularly, publishing them through Kitsune Press and available to purchase through DriveThruRPG. He also writes for “Old School” games such as CASTLES & CRUSADES and STARSHIPS & SPACEMEN. Few people have his breadth of experience in creation for so many formats – novels, role playing games, computer games, film, TV, comics and more. We at Objective Secured are proud to have Paul attend the Southern Hemisphere Open to host a panel, run some games and meet his fans and fellow gamers!

7 Land Hand – is fortnightly podcast, alternating between board game reviews and shows on Magic: The Gathering as well as all things gaming related – cards, board or table top – they have games covered! The team do Interviews with game designers, artists, actors, writers as well as anyone with a gamer’s interest and passion! Proudly brought to you by: Good Games, Objective Secured is proud to have the team at 7 Land Hand attend the Southern Hemisphere Open as part of our media coverage. You can check out their past episodes HERE.




You can see the full schedule for organised play below. You can access the players packs here



The timetable for hobby workshops, as you can see, is pretty full! – if you have ever wanted to learn how to use an air brush, apply transfers or take great photos of your models and more – these are the workshops for you!

We even have 2 special paid workshops being hosted by Games Workshop/Warhammer and facilitated by GW staff member and local White Dwarf featured artist Dean Lecoq! These photos really don’t do his work justice – but we think you will agree the work is nothing short of amazing!

Want to fill your time between rounds of your chosen tournament? Maybe have some time between workshops? just met up with some friends and want to chill and game? We have plenty of free play space available for you with a great range of board games you can pick up and play for free!

Painting Competition Categories

Painting Competition Rules

Entries to the painting competition can be added when you buy any ticket to the SHO – just scroll to the bottom of the check out after entering your details and you can add as many entries as you wish, and best of all – entries are just $2 each!

If you are interested in having an exhibitors space or want to sponsor part of the event you can download all the information – found in the exhibitors pack as well as the agreement form.

For the complete process to be involved as an organiser – you can download the Expression of Interest for Demo Games, Hobby Skills and Tournament Organiser by clicking on the one you want to be involved in and following the instructions on the sheet.