WA Events Calendar

Welcome to the WA Events calendar – Check out the events for 2017 being held in Western Australia by Objective Secured as well as other great organisers

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cropped-ObSec-Target.jpg   Objective Secured presents First Blood and Glory, an Age of Sigmar Event – 15th January

We host our first event for the year for the Age of Sigmar system – First Blood and Glory! 1000 points, 4 games, 1 day. A reflection of our 40k First Blood event – its a great intro to the organised play for Age of Sigmar!

   KRAGS presents Unending Battlelines, a 40K event – 28th January

1850 points, 1 day – join the fun with the team at KRAGS in the first 40k event of the year! Check out the event page on face book HERE. The players pack is available HERE


cropped-ObSec-Target.jpg   Objective Secured is on the road! 1st – 8th February sees Mike and a few other WA locals jump on a plane and head to Las Vegas for the biggest event on the 40k calendar to date – the Las Vegas Open, hosted by Frontline gaming! You can follow all the mayhem of the event on our Facebook page, including live streaming, pictures and more!

cropped-ObSec-Target.jpg   Objective Secured presents OBJECTIVE 1, FIRST BLOOD – 19th February

40k, 1000 points, 1 day – a great way to kick off the year! Fun and casual – First Blood is a great way for newcomers to the event scene get their first taste of tournaments or seasoned vets the chance to bring out those new armies and crazy forces.

MARCH 2017

cropped-ObSec-Target.jpg   Objective Secured presents OBJECTIVE 2, LINE BREAKER – 4th, 5th and 6th March

1750 points, 1 day – but with an added bonus… its being held in Albany! Join other players from Perth and the team from Objective Secured as we take our events on the road for a weekend road trip to Albany to play 40k against the locals! The long weekend makes it even easier for the trip south. Ticket prices include your accommodation for 2 nights as well as meals!

APRIL 2017

cropped-ObSec-Target.jpg   Objective Secured presents The WESTERN AUSTRALIAN TEAM CHALLENGE – 23rd April

40k, 1500 points per player, 1 day. Teams of 6 players will duke it out in a contest unlike any other – where the needs of the team come before individual glory. A great way to test yourself in a format that could lead you to a spot on the WA team for the Australian Team Challenge in future!

op6030-logo   Outpost 6030 presents SKULLS – 29th & 30th April 

WA’s longest running annual 40k event is back! The UPDATED 9/4/17 40k players pack can be found HERE. You can check out the Outpost Website for more information on the club and their events here.


MAY 2017

   M.Shadowlord presents MAYHEM, Epic ARMAGEDDON Tournament – Sunday 21st May

3000 points, 1 day. Ever wanted to play with whole legions of titans or companies of tanks? Epic Armageddon is the game for you! Any questions can be sent to mattaird@hotmail.com or you can just grab the players pack for the day HERE.

   KRAGS presents Tournament of the Champion, a 40K event – 20th May

1750 points, 1 day – join the fun with the team at KRAGS for what could be the last 40k event of 7th edition in Perth! Check out the event page on face book HERE. The players pack is available HERE

JUNE 2017

   A. Mair presents Desolation of the West, A Hobbit Strategy Battle Game Tournament – 4th June

750 points, 1v1 format. Hosted at Quenda Games and just a 2 minute walk from Midland train station and a 5 minute walk from Midland Gate Shopping Centre. More information is available at https://www.facebook.com/groups/perthsbg or you can email Anthony here – anthonymair@hotmail.co.uk or simply download the players pack HERE.

cropped-ObSec-Target.jpg   Objective Secured is TURNING 2!!! – 9th June

cropped-ObSec-Target.jpg   Objective Secured presents WESTERN FRINGE – 11th June

3000 points, Full Horus Heresy rules and format. We delve back into the history of our favourite game and see gods walk the fields of war! Primarchs, the Legions, Super Heavy Tanks and more resin models than should be possible in 1 room! We have upped the points for this one in response to the community so expect even more mayhem this time round!

cropped-ObSec-Target.jpg   Objective Secured presents THE FOUR HORSEMEN, An Age of Sigmar Event – 11th June

Age of Sigmar matched play, 2000 points per player, 1 day. Teams of 4 players will duke it out in a contest unlike any other that Age of Sigmar has seen to date – where the needs of the team come before individual glory. Utilise the 4 grand alliances and crush your foes in our first Age of Sigmar Team event!

cropped-ObSec-Target.jpg   Objective Secured presents THE WESTERN FRONT, A Bolt Action Event – 11th June

750 points per player, 1 day. Come down and be part of our first Bolt Action Event – small forces will deploy as the axis face the allies in a duel for the Western Front beach head!

JULY 2017

cropped-ObSec-Target.jpg   Objective Secured presents WAR CALLS, A Warhammer 40,000 8th edition Matched Play Event – 16th July

Objective Secured is proud to present our first 8th edition Matched play event – come down for an awesome day of testing the new matched play 40k rule set!


cropped-ObSec-Target.jpg   Objective Secured presents MIXED DOUBLES – 6th August

40k, 50 power points per player – teams of 2, 1 day. A chance to bring your significant other along and have them play at your side! Teams of 2 will battle it out in a relaxed atmosphere while hopefully staying a couple! Teams of 2 friends are also very welcome!

cropped-ObSec-Target.jpg   Objective Secured presents Operation FUBAR – 6th August

Our second Bolt Action event for 2017! Bigger armies, larger tables and more time for games means we can up the fun as well!

cropped-ObSec-Target.jpg   Objective Secured presents The Iron Assault – 6th August

Players asked for it from us so we are doing it! Our first steps into the Warmachine/Hordes setting using the SteamRoller format from Privateer Press


cropped-ObSec-Target.jpg   Objective Secured presents the SOUTHERN HEMISPHERE OPEN! 23RD, 24TH & 25TH September

Perths first dedicated 3 day table top gaming convention! With nearly 3000 square meters  of floor space, we will be featuring more gaming systems than you knew even existed, hobby workshops by some of the best local hobbyists, free play areas, club demonstration areas and even retail spaces for vendors. More details will be released over the coming months – you can check out all the info HERE




op6030-logoOutpost 6030 presents SKULLS – 11th & 12th November 

More details on this to come! You can check out the Outpost Website for more information on the club and their events here.

cropped-ObSec-Target.jpg   Objective Secured presents the WESTERN AUSTRALIAN MASTERS 2017 – 18th & 19th November

40k, 2 days. The big one – a chance to test your mettle against the best in Western Australia and find out who will be crowned the 2017 40k Master and go on to claim the invitation to the national event. Please note participants who are under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.



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