Where did May go?

Where exactly did may 2016 go? I feel like I might have missed it! We had a bunch go on here in May and I thought I had better catch up on my posting and give some updates!

Firstly – and to tie in with the image I have selected for this post, Nurgle has elected to visit me these last 2 weeks and make me sick… which of course meant sick kids as well… and anyone who has kids know that your life becomes a quagmire of medicine, snot and coughing when kids get sick…

On the mend now so lets get to the cool stuff!

Linebreaker 2016

We had 9 Perth players make the 4 hour drive to one of the most southern parts of Western Australia to play 40k against the locals with the total ending up at 18 in all. I know I have said it before but if you get the chance to do a road trip or travel to play 40k – you should do it. We had a great time running the event and much fun was had by all from the feedback we have gotten. On to the pics!

13th legion All the eldar bikes biomonster chaos v chaos crons daemons lost and the damned monolith nids vs pods So many pods Super Heavy inbound tau Wulfen

Some great looking forces as well – congratulations to the winners!

Card against humanity also got a run post event while having the odd glass of something… and my memories of pacman as a kid will never be the same again thanks to one Albany local!


My own hobby has been focused on a couple of projects…

First up is my new table for future events – alien world or better know as a tyranid table. It uses the awesome FAT MATS range, specifically the alien invasion mat.

Alien mat

Its quite a vibrant mat and obviously needs a very unique set of terrain. What this space for the finished table – I am pleased with it so far and with the help of a fellow hobbyist I was able to track down some older FW terrain to go with it

I also managed to build my Xiaphon Strike fighter for my Word Bearers legion and make a start on my warhound which is – if I am honest – long over due. The new transfer sheets I just got delivered from FW might have prompted this and I am now hoping to have it done in the next month or so. Expect a post on that particular project in the coming weeks.

For now though, we have our first heresy event happening this coming weekend and I am still dotting I’s and crossing T’s…

I hope June does not vanish on me like May did!