ObSec Podcast Episode 3 – Plots and Schemes

Episode 3 : Plots and Schemes



The plots and schemes of event preparation are what we explore in this episode, joined by a long time hobbiest but tournament rookie Dan (and half of our unofficial/official obsec photo team!). We take a look at just a small part of planning and preparation that goes into getting ready for an organised event (40k or otherwise!) – a topic we will no doubt visit again in the future given just how much there is to talk about!

You can find the tournament prep guide HERE if you want to learn more and see more about topics we will cover in future episodes.

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Here is just a small sample from Dans fantastic Lamenters Space Marines! Sadly, as he is the one taking the photos at these events, it appears he is to modest to give us more than these paltry two photos across the last 12 months of games with ObSec! You don’t even get to see the checks on the drop pod doors! I shall have to rectify this in 2017 for sure!



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