ObSec Pod Cast Episode 4 – First Blood

Episode 4 : First Blood

First Blood

Sometimes you need to strike first to win the war! In this episode, joined by a DangerRod, we explore the evolution of the Obsec event : First Blood and some of the differences between a hobby event and the more serious competitive tournaments. We also touch on what makes building a list for this event different from the more competitive events and how to avoid being “That Guy” when you come along. With 70 players attending, First Blood 2017 is going to be our (and Western Australia’s for that matter!) biggest event to date!

You can find the players pack HERE if you want to learn more about the event, check out the missions and the scoring format.

Here is a taste of the new lava world monoliths we talk about in the episode that DangerRod has been working on…

Pictures of the Zone Mortalis Hoth table (now all but complete) will be in a forth coming update from the man himself – stay tuned! We might even have to record a game on it for prosperity!

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