Show Case – Sky Serpent Eldar Corsairs

The Sky Serpent Corsairs are ready for their first raid!

What a journey its been to get here! The Eldar have always been my favourite 40k force and the Corsairs are a force that I always lacked in my cabinet of tricks… but no more!

What started almost on a whim in September 2016 with the aim of the Las Vegas Open 2017 is now a reality!

A HUGE thanks to my loving and understanding wife, firstly for giving me the time to paint the army and secondly for the fantastic photos you will se below!

The army is a huge mish-mash of kits with Eldar, Dark Eldar, Harlequins and Forge World all being used… in fact, every model has some sort of resin from Forge World on it! But enough of that – on to the pictures!

Lieutenant Zephon, Prince of the Sky Serpents

Corsairs, Baron, Prince

Zephon will normally see use as a Baron for the Sky Serpents as part of the raiding fleet but for Las Vegas, he has had a promotion to Prince. Model wise, the kit uses quite a few – with an Eldar Warlock Jetbike forming the core of it. The Head is from the Dark Eldar reaver jetbike kit (love the shades!) while the sword arm is a venom blade from the Scourge kit. The right arm is a standard jetbike rider piece while the legs are from the harlequin Skyweavers kit and the torso (with the cool trench coat) is again a harlequin item. The bike is also WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) as I converted the underslung weapons to a twin linked lasblaster using the forge world corsair kit.

Corsair Wasps

Corsairs, Wasps

The Wasps are my only elite choice for the force. They add a bit of variety to the force being walkers and are surprisingly flexible thanks to their combo of special rules. Model wise these are Forge World kits with my own twist – I ended up using the standard weapon mounts and weapons from the War Walker kit it uses as a core simply as the fit of the weapons seems more stable this way!

Corsair Reavers

Corsairs, Reavers

The Reavers for me represent what Corsairs are all about. Jet Pack infantry with dual wielding pistols! I am really happy with these kit bashes as I think they all look matching and less like a thrown together set of parts. The Heads and Jet Packs are obviously Forge World as are the pair of Fusion guns. The legs are Wyches while the upper body is a guardian. The pistol arms come from wyches (for the spinter pistols) and Harlequins (for the shuriken pistols). The mix worked really well and I am keen to get stuck into a couple more squads with the limited Jet Packs I have left.

Cloud Dancers

Corsairs, Cloud Dancers Corsairs, Cloud Dancers

The Cloud Dancers are what Eldar Wind Riders hope to be when they grow up. My 4 units of 3 all pack scatter lasers (yes, I know!) and are made from the Eldar Jet Bike kit and the Corsairs Jetbike conversion kit from Forge World. I have spent some time adding a few pistols and combat weapons across the units (with wyches and harlequins donating most of the parts).

Corsair Hornets

Corsairs, Hornet

The 4 Forge World Hornets that see table time in this army proved easy to assemble and painful to get the guns straight! The resin pulse lasers that all of them mount (because why wouldn’t you?!?) might not be 100% straight after the flight to Vegas but they should be close enough!

Corsair Nightwing

Corsairs, Nightwing

The Nightwing is the only model that is a repaint and repurpose addition to the Sky Serpents. Originally it saw the table under the guise of the Ulthwe but a new coat of paint has seen it join the ranks of the corsairs. I love the switchblade design of this flyer – the wings even swing with a simple but effective mechanism hidden in the body!

Corsair Warp Hunters

Corsairs, Warp Hunter

I have 2 of these monstrosities and they have built quite a reputation locally – being the bane of any expensive single model or deathstar I point them at. Another Forge World conversion kit  – this model forced me to learn plenty of new things about how to build and paint elder tanks, as well as the awesome modelling tool known as liquid mask!

Corsair Lynx

Corsairs, Lynx

Big Daddy! The Corsairs fleet would not be complete without the Lynx. Gone is its super heavy status these days but its no less dangerous as a result! This model I got from a fellow eldar player in a trade (thanks Belly!) and its black undercoat was replaced with the lovely blue you see here. I even made it a custom ‘flying base’ since technically – that’s what it is!

Wish me luck in Las Vegas!

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