Ynnari FAQ – A stop gap set of answers

As I mentioned in this post, the Ynnari rules have quite a few gaps and flaws in the rules. Until we get an official Ynnari FAQ, the community has to make do with sensible home made FAQ answers.

I have to give a huge thanks and shout out to Don Hooson from the Competitive 40k Facebook page for compiling these answers. We (Both Don, Myself and many more!) had a great, active conversation and while I have some reservations with a couple of the answers, I think these represent the best balance of answers we have available for play. These will be used at all the events I run locally until we get something more official.

On to the questions!

Ynnari FAQ

Ynnari FAQ 1.0 28/2/2017

Q1: Is a unit embarked on a transport affected with a Soul Burst action when a unit is destroyed within the proper range?

A1: No, per the BRB FAQ from GW. The unit is effectively off the table and cannot be affected by any “aura” type effect or anything that specifically targets them unless the effect specifically states that it works on units embarked in transports (ex. Flamers and their No Escape rule). editors note – this is a RAW change as in theory, a wrecked vehicle would allow an embarked unit to soulburst while an exploded one would not. This felt like a loop hole to me so I went with the conservative answer.

Q2: How does one measure where a unit has died from for the purposes of the Strength from Death special rule? Is it per phase? Is it from the last model standing? Is it per wound pool?

A2: For ease of play, measurements shall be done per Weapon Group. (ex. A squad of bolters fires at a unit. If that unit is wiped out then any model that was slain from that wound pool may be utilized for measurement. If that unit lost all but one model, which was slain by a weapon with a different profile after the bolters, then that one model would become the source of the measurement.)

Q3: Can I Charge in the assault phase after Turbo Boosting/running or the turn I arrive from any type of reserves if I trigger a Soul Burst reaction in the same player turn? Also, can I charge a unit that is different than the one I fired at, with a Soul Burst reaction in the same player turn?

A3: No, the restrictions for charges are not ignored aside from which phase they can happen in per the Strength from Death special rule.

Q4: If I fire at one unit and destroy it, can I utilize a Soul Burst action to fire at a separate unit in the same phase?

A4: Yes, the rules for firing at the same unit refer to each shooting attack. You can fire at another unit, even if the original unit you were firing at is not destroyed (independent character destruction or another unit was destroyed). This can also allow you to charge either unit in your following assault phase.

Q5: If I take off 3 hull points/wounds from a Gargantuan Creature or Super Heavy Vehicle, will that cause a Soul Burst Reaction? (more ITC focused)

A5: No, these count as kill points for mission purposes but do not actually count as units being destroyed for the purposes of the Strength from Death special Rule.

Q6: If a unit suffers a deepstrike mishap of a “1”, will that trigger a Soul Burst reaction?

A6: No, as the “unit” mishaps if it is unable to be placed. If it rolls a 1 it is not placed, nor are the occupants. It counts as a casualty without ever being “placed”. The original model that you do place, prior to scattering, is more of a target and not the unit itself. The final destination is where the unit becomes “placed” if it does not mishap.

Q7: Can my Wraithblades start the game in a Raider? (or any other typical cross faction variant of the preceding question.)

A7: Yes, as the Ynaari grants its faction to all the units in its detachment or formation in addition to that unit’s normal faction.

Q8: If an independent character is slain while in a unit, does that trigger a Soul Burst reaction?

A8: Yes, as the independent character becomes a unit when he separates from the unit by being “removed as a casualty”.

Q9: A demoralized unit falls back off the table. Would this trigger soulburst?

A9: No, this will not trigger a Soul Burst Reaction. As the unit will not be within range of anyone, being that they are not on the board (mechanically). And they were not “killed” (fluff wise).

Q10: If one of my units completely wipes a unit in the assault phase, can that unit make a soul burst reaction?

A10: No, per the BRB under Locked In Combat, you will be locked in combat until the end of a phase (not subphase) that you are not in base combat with an enemy.

Q11: If a Soul Burst reaction causes me to charge into an ongoing combat that is already at an initiative step of 9 or lower, do I get my hammer of wrath hits? If I charge in a unit at initiative 1, do they get to fight?

A11: No, you will not get any hammer of wrath hits, as these are completed at I10. And No, you will not get to swing if you charged in at initiative one, as your charge is completed at the end of that initiative step.

Q12: Can a model or unit of models which does not have battle focus gain the effects of Battle Focus (from a formation, psychic power or other source) when it has the faction Ynnari?

A12: No, a model loses the ability to use battle focus when it gains the Ynnari faction.

Q13: Can the Yncarne select to roll powers from the Daemonology:Sanctic psychic discipline despite it being a daemon and usually being unable to do so?

A13: Yes, the unit entry for the Yncarne specifically allows it to roll powers from this discipline despite the usual limits for a daemon.

So there you have it – version 1.0 of the Ynnari FAQ! You can also download the file as an easy PDF HERE!

If you have any other questions let me know! As I said above, I have a few reservations about some of these answers but I guess time and games will tell if they are the right call! Send me feedback if you have any!

9 thoughts on “Ynnari FAQ – A stop gap set of answers

  1. Hi,

    Well done on the effort to create this FAQ. I agree with the sensible answers, and when used the FAQ will give clarity to both the Ynarri player and their opponent.

    Only one answer I disagree on is the different aeldari factions using each other’s transports when they are both Ynarri faction.. Although neither official FAQ questions are applicable to this I think it gives a clear indication of GW’s intent, and lastly I would answer the question no from a game balance point of view; wraithguard and fire dragons were pointed before they had access to a open topped, deepstriking transport with a 3+ jink save. It could easily have been ruled that a unit can not embark on a transport unless the transport has ALL of the embarking units faction(s) (note my wording allows the Triumvirate characters to still embark on Wave Serpents and Raiders).

    1. I 100% agree with the transport conundrum – it’s got no clear answer! My gut feeling on balance agrees with you and says that’s the likely sensible solution but I figured all the reports I had seen online played it this way so it was worth a try.

    2. It could also be assumed that GW’s intent for the Ynarri is to be a fully integrated army, like any other faction, hence the removal of the standard army-wide rules and replacing it with StD. Similarly, the org chart for Reborn Warhost presents them as a unified force. Therefore, it is safe to assume that a non-dedicated transport can be deployed with any passengers capable of riding transports, just as it is in any other army. From a fluff perspective, this makes sense as well, since the Ynnead death cult have cast away their previous divisions. As for balance, it’s not that big of a deal, considering that you’re using up 2 slots to give you the effective value of 1 slot (and if you’re using raiders, then you’re taking up one of your 3 FA slots which could be used for Reavers, all for a transport that is armored with paper, with a 3+ jink only if you spend the extra points, which is still useless vs. melee and ignores cover).

      1. Fluffy or not, it seriously affects the power of the Eldar. Plus if the intention was to be a unified force they would only have the Ynarri faction rather than keeping their existing faction. You are asking to put a Ynarri and Eldar faction unit into a Ynarri and Dark Eldar faction transport.

        Many Eldar units get much better with access to an open topped transport, particularly one that can deepstrike, both shooting ones (eg. wraithguard and fire dragons) as well as assault units (eg. banshees, scorpions) would be much more effective.

        Before the latest FAQs that made it illegal wraithguard in raiders were popular, and even now its commonly to see DE characters being webway portal carriers for wraithguard.

        I think you seriously underestimate the value in giving Eldar access to open topped transports (let alone ones that can deepstrike). Its telling from a balance perspective that one of the (some would say the) most powerful faction has people jumping at the thought of using DE raiders to make their armies more powerful.

  2. I would say there is an exception to number 10
    Q10: If one of my units completely wipes a unit in the assault phase, can that unit make a soul burst reaction?

    A10: No, per the BRB under Locked In Combat, you will be locked in combat until the end of a phase (not subphase) that you are not in base combat with an enemy.

    If you assault a vehicle. as you cant be locked in combat with a vehicle. so in this instance you could.
    e.g. Wraith knight assaults a tank. kills it with hammer or wrath. can then soul-burst to assault another unit and complete your assault attacks on them.

  3. If i soul burst in the shooting phase and assault a unit killing it on the charge can i assault a different unit in the assault phase. Also if i soul burst in the shooting phase and assault a unit can I use hit and run then assault in the assault phase

    1. There has been a significant change to soulburst thanks to GW releasing the official faq which should fill you in on how this works. You can find the link to this in the comments above

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