ObSec Pod Cast Episode 5 – Re-Birth

Episode 5 : Re-Birth



The re-birth of ancient days has come and the Eldar rise once more! In this episode, joined by Matt ‘Belly’ Bell, we talk about the Ynnari from Gathering Storm Part 2, Fracture of Biel-Tan, and just what that means for players of all things Eldar. This conversation could easily go for hours so you can expect more episodes in the future covering things in more depth – especially the now infamous Soul Burst action!

You can check out my previous reviews of the 3 new characters here – Yvraine, the Visarch and the Yncarne

Apart from these 3 gorgeous characters, we take a look at the Black Guardians of Ulthwe and their new detachment featured in the new book as well as the 4 new formations for the Ynnari and our initial thoughts on just what they might be used for.

Belly may just be the equal to me in terms of enthusiasm for the Eldar and their facets so we do get excited a couple of times – its always good to have another pointy ears supporter on my side! It also means I have yet another Eldar army to paint in the coming months from all this talk and inspiration!

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