Line Breaker 2017 – the photos!

I wrote a short blog post when we got home from Line Breaker in Albany and my intention was to include the photos of the armies from the event. I took the photos, I edited the photos, I wrote the blog post, I ran out of time to put the photos into the blog post. I asked M to quickly do it for me as I ran out the door for work last Tuesday. Turns out he didn’t so I decided that I would turn them into a post all of their own.

The players in the events we run put a heck of a lot of time and effort into building and painting their armies that they deserve to be shown off (ok, some players don’t put the time and effort into painting and building their armies and are happy to play with plastic models straight off the sprue and 3 colour minimum is a real effort, we still love you even if you don’t have a Golden Daemon winning army).

Some of the armies from Line Breaker have multiple photos, others only have one, please note that the number of photos is in no way linked to the quality of the work, it is purely down to how much room I had to work in and the dwindling time left before the next round was due to start.

The standard of everyone’s army at Line Breaker was fantastic – with the Heresy boys showing off some fantastically huge 3500 point armies along side the more conventional 40k forces.

Enjoy the many (many!) pictures below!

Line Breaker

Congratulations to Don Crick and John Gill who won peer judged painting for 30k and 40k respectively!

Don Crick – 30k, Loyalist Iron Hands. Don’s Iron Hands are not simply flat black but feature an Oil Slick effect where they appear Black or Green or Purple depending on the angle the light hits them – Fantastic stuff!

John Gill – 40k, Dark Angels Lions Blade Detachment. Dedication is something that really shows here – Painting a full battle company with 9 (from memory) razorback tanks to the standard┬áJohn has done is no joke!