ObSec Pod Cast Episode 6 – LVO 2017 Vegas Baby!

Episode 6 : Vegas Baby!

Vegas, LVO



What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas… until now! I am joined on this episode buy local event veteran and chaos daemons general Brad Neilsen to do a little wrap up of the LVO 2017. We talk about his 6 games, the terrain and the whole experience in general – and why you should be adding it to your ‘to do’ list of events for this great hobby of ours!

You can check out my games, an overview of the venue and more on the Objective Secured YouTube Channel HERE.

During the episode we also discuss the final ranking for the 10 Aussies who attended the LVO 2017 but I struggled to find the picture… well, here we go!

LVO 2017 Final Standings

We also discuss a gorgeous Khorne Murder Pack army which I took a bunch of photos below… if you know the name of the player who owns this army get in touch and let us know – they deserve a huge thumbs up for such a great army!

This army is truly a work of art – and slightly terrifying in terms of cost to put on the table! I think I worked it out as a small second hand car – and not a cheap and nasty one! Look at all those blood thirsters!!! From what I gather, the list did ok at the event but when the army looks this good – bringing it to show your hard work is often reward enough.

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