Apocalypse Mega Battle! – A Special Wrap Up

So, at the beginning of the year Objective Secured held a Massive Apocalypse Battle…what follows is a full picture rundown of what happened!



A Quick Overview – Custom Scenario, Map and  Apocalypse Armies

We wrote a custom scenario which actually followed on from the events in Death Masque. This being prior to the release of Gathering Storm Part 1, it still kinda fit’s in with what happened. So in a sense it would fit somewhere between the events of Death Masque and Gathering Storm Part 1; Fall of Cadia. We also wrote some custom rules for the game too, which gave the game a more narrative feel.

We also planned to play out on a 12′ x 4′ table with two objectives in each deployment zone. The Deployment zones had to be increased during deployment when we realised that the Imperials had way too many models!

The sides were actually split into two with two players on each side bringing 15000pts each including an Eldar Phantom Titan (OOP Armourcast Version) a Eldar Revenant Titan a Reaver Titan and a Warhound Titan, two Shadowswords, five Wraithknights a Marauder Destroyer and many many Tanks, Imperial Knights and Infantry. And anything that was to be on the table HAD to be fully painted! This proved to be quite a sight when the forces were fully deployed!

Game on!

So we deployed, Imperials first and then the Eldar combined forces. The Eldar failed to seize the initiative and so the Apocalypse began…

















And it Continued…

Turns two and three saw the devastation of the Imperials forces started to take it’s toll!


























And it ended!

The combined Eldar won the day with a convincing victory over the Imperials, who made a rapid tactical withdrawal to fight another day!



















Now you see me… This is why we can’t have nice things!

Yes, Massaen in all his pointy eared sneakiness managed to cast INVISIBILITY on his Phantom!