Inquisitor Mikey returns with an Army List!

A guest post from Inquisitor Mikey

Lo there Readers!

Inquisitor Mikey here again. I know, I know… long time no hear. Well… let’s just say work has not been kind to me recently.


I have made some headway, however! Not as much as I’d like, but some. I have a list, and some paint on models. My biggest concern with my list is that I have created a 1750pt list… and it is purely Astra Militariguard. It includes all the stuff I like though; Tanks, Deep striking suicide squads, and a platoon of chumps. Oh. And ROUGH RIDERS!!!

But I digress. In my list is not nearly enough Inquisition. So now I either have to move some stuff around or only play, like, 2500 point games. Anyways, the list as it stands so far is thus:


Pask in a Punisher (with heavy bolters), a Demolisher for funz (with MultiMeltas).


A vet squad (with 2 melts guns, a heavy flamer and a power fist) in a (heavy flamer) Chimera.

A platoon – the Command with 2 sniper rifles in a chimera (which is actually a Salamander scout vehicle); 2 squads with a flamer in each, and a Power Fist Commissar.

A heavy weapons squad (with autocannons)


3 Armoured Sentinals (with lascannon on each)

10 Rough Riders (there’s a plasma pistol in there too, because, you know. If you are going to waste points… COMMIT)


An executioner (yes, with Plasma Sponsons)

A Vanquisher. That’s it. Big cannon, no add-ons.


A Scion Platoon – 2 squads of 5, with a melta and a Plasma in each.

Anyways, that’s it so far. My basic thinking for the army is for Pask and friend to advance slowly right up the middle; the vanquisher hanging out at the back, preferably with LOS to everything, or at least Lotsothing; the Executioner up one flank; the Sentinals supporting the Executioner, the Rough Riders and Vet squad pushing up the other flank; the Scions deep striking and popping vital assets before viciously killing themselves on the enemies weapons (take that Xenos scum!); the Heavy Weapons supporting/covering the Vanquisher; and the Platoon either camping on home objective, or slowly advancing behind Pask and his escort.

The next inclusion, or what I would like to include, is a Xenos inquisitor; with a band of merry people (storm bolters and riot shield acolytes, crusaders and death cult assasins) in a Land Raider Redeemer. Straight up the middle. Into combat. Burn Maim Kill… I mean… Purge Cleanse Cauterise…

I’d be really interested in what people think of the basic components of the list. I realise with 8th inbound, most of this could go flying up in a pall of smoke. But Rough Riders will always be cool, right? RIGHT?!?!



One thought on “Inquisitor Mikey returns with an Army List!

  1. It sounds mid-tier on the competitive side, but top-tier on the fun side!! You have a lot of different units to build, paint and give a lot of love to.
    So go ahead and play the best you can. Some games will be yours, and the others you will die with a lot of style.

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