ObSec 2017 Army Painting Challenge!

2017 is the year of Army Painting!

I have on more than one occasion been asked how I get armies on the table so quickly. I have painted quite sizable armies in quite short spaces of time in the past – mostly due to my own lack of planning and foresight! Most of that ability comes from experience and prior knowledge of how the paints work together and how you can find short cuts in your painting to get great results in your army painting quickly.

This year I am hoping to make the process easier on me (and my very understanding family!!) by spreading it out over the year as well as giving me the chance to share some of the more interesting shortcuts in painting I use – so we are going to do the

ObSec 2017 Army Painting Challenge!

The goal is to get an 1850 point army together in time to WA Masters in November. I know I won’t be playing at the event but that’s not going to stop me getting the painting done!

The idea is to pledge the broad strokes army list now, grab some photos of it to kick things off and get stuck in! We might even wrangle a prize for you.

You can shoot me emails (use ObSec Challenge as the subject in the email) with a brief write up of your army with some pics to obsec@optusnet.com.au and I will post up all the pledges and show off some of the work over the coming months. I am also going to rope in a few of the locals to keep us all motivated and on target.

My Lists

I am actually planning on 2 lists – one for play in the Horus Heresy at around 2500 points and one for 40k at 1850 minimum.

My Horus Heresy list will be a Talons of the Emperor Force, mostly custodies with a handful of null maidens thrown in for good measure. I could be accused of cheating a little on this army since I started it already but it’s only 4 models and since I am doing 2 armies I think I have some leeway!

The 40k list is yet another Eldar army, one I have wanted to for ages… a stealth army. It’s based around Rangers led by Illic Nightspear as well as Karandras and his Scorpion Warhost. It’s got Warp Spiders as well (since spiders and scorpions are both arachnids it’s still themed!) as well as a night spinner (theme!) and a skathach wraithknight (more theme!).

Best of all – I have all the models I need for both these armies so there is no worry about buying anything… its literally straight on to assembly and painting!

My planned painting goals for the coming month (give or take) are as follows…


Army Painting

HQ – Shield Captain, Paragon Spear, Arae Shrikes, Cyber Familiar, Digital Lasers, Melta Bombs – 237

Troops – 3 Custodian Guard, Arae Shrikes, Melta Bombs – 186

Troops – 3 Sentinel Guard, Arae Shrikes, Melta Bombs – 216

Total – 639


Army Painting

HQ – Illic Nightspear – 140

Troops – 5 Rangers – 60

Troops – 5 Rangers – 60

Heavy Support – Night Spinner, Crystal Targeting Matrix – 125

Total – 385

The goal is to have them all painted by April 30 2017. I will grab some photos in the coming days as we get underway!

Wish me luck!


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  1. Two armies is tough,but im sure you will get there, good luck. I may even take up your challenge myself. Js

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