ObSec Pod Cast Episode 7 – Drunkhammer!

Episode 7 : Drunkhammer!


Drunkhammer (much like this whole recording!) is something that always seems like a good idea at the time! This episode sees me joined by my wife Emma and local gaming hooligans Alex, Hugh, Evan, Matt and Sarah to talk about the fine art of drinking and gaming.

PLEASE NOTE – This episode contains strong language, adult themes, sexual references and a whole heap of innuendo and inappropriate behaviour. If you are offended by any of the topics discussed, language used or anything else, please accept my apologies in advance.

We chat about all sorts of things over the hour or so of this episode – I am not going to lie, we do get quite off topic! The ‘rules’ (if you can call them that) for Drunkhammer are expanded and I quickly got the impression that maybe, just maybe, the game is less about the game in this instance!

The recording itself is largely unedited and is about a third of the whole recording – some things are best left off air (and perhaps to feature in an out take episode in the future!)

While we all had a merry night of laughter and drinking and everyone planned ahead and got home safe, one of the boys was late in arriving and tried to catch up with the rest of us who had been quietly enjoying a brew or 2 for the last couple of hours…


This is why you should know your limits boys and girls! Alex was not very well once the mic got turned off!

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