ObSec painting challenge – April Update

Mid April 2017 and my progress can be summed up as… adequate? I guess?!?


We have one of our biggest events happening in April this year – the WATC – and I may have not taken that into account when I said I would paint what I said I would! In the end we have gone from 15 tables of terrain to 25 in the last week! Colour me well and truly sick of painting terrain!


Well, I am doing 1 extra model than intended – the Vexilla bearer you might have seen in my painting spotlight a few days ago – so its now 8 models to be done! 8 does not sound like heaps for sure, but the custodes are not exactly plain and easy jobs in terms of details!

The group shot for you all – as you can see I am half done! I can’t decide what to do with the bases so I have just reblacked out the bases which I think you can agree, changes the tone of the models quite a bit!

Here is the first squad of 3 plus my shield captain (aka Valdor for now!) Pretty pleased to be honest! Between the YouTube clips from GW, the awesome heresy painting guide from GW (seriously worth the price!) and my own inventiveness I think I have a scheme I really like!

The Shield Captain (Valdor) got a minor conversion to be holding his helm and a few extra details on his armour (like the face mask) to help him stand out. He can stand in as a squad leader in 40k if I need him to as well.


The Eldar might have seen a little less work this April so far…

I have managed to find them out of my bits box – that’s something right!

Seriously though, these models are in some dire need of TLC. I have rounded up bases for them but they will need to be pinned on and obviously a new undercoat is needed. I went with a slightly bigger 32mm base for Illic just to help him stand out – and all the Exarchs and Characters will have the same going forward.

I got this model on release, the cast was good, and he sat in my bits box until a couple of days ago! Actually a very cool sculpt and I am looking forward to hitting him with some paint. Going for a very neutral colour palette for the rangers – browns, tan and so on – to keep them flexible with which army I deploy them in. Snow bases are the order of the day to let them tie in with the Harlequins, Corsairs and Dark Eldar.

The older ranger models are much plainer than their modern counterparts so I am hoping these are not to fiddly – its been a while since I painted a squad of these! I am 99% sure my night spinner might be pushed back in the cue but you never know! I will post up another update in a couple of weeks with how I got on as well as what’s planned for May!