ObSec Painting Challenge – Albany Entry!

I have had quite a few emails and messages asking to get involved with the painting challenge – its been great to get the interest! I got the following message from Sam, a good friend of mine who lives in Albany. Despite the 400km distance between, we do get to catch up a couple of times a year (generally around a tournament line Line Breaker!) – here is his start to the painting journey…
Hey guys, Sam from Albany here!
Saw the post on the ObSec site about the painting challenge for Masters in November, and while unfortunately I won’t be making it, I saw it as a great incentive to finally get my War Convocation painted up! For the record, it’s going to be used primarily as a 30k force, but hey, as long as it gets me painting right!
I’ve been playing warhammer of various types since I was a wee lad at school, and minus that small hiatus I think most guys go through at around age 19-20 when we realise girls are becoming important, I’ve been pretty active that whole time. I played fantasy (RIP) a lot, and still own my collection of High Elves. As for 40k, I’ve had nearly every army in production at one time or another, just barring Necrons, Nids and Orks I think.
My true love has been the Ultramarines, and over the years I made one army, realised I didn’t like the way I painted them, so sold them and bought a whole new one again. Then I saw the Horus Heresy from Forgeworld, and dived into that with you guessed it, Ultramarines again. And now I have quite the army, sitting at around 8000 points last I checked. I have dabbled with other legions as well, and am currently working on some Imperial Fists, and have a 2500 point Blood Angel army that really needs to be used at some point.
Anyway, I think I’ve rambled enough, I look forward to talking to you about my upcoming force of Mechanicum on this hobby journey!