WATC 2017 Lists – 72 players for review

The second annual WATC or Western Australian Team Challenge – Warhammer 40,000 is just a couple of weeks away and right now – its going to be the biggest 40k event Perth has ever seen!

We have 12 teams of 6 this year – 72 players – playing 4 games at 1500 points. Last year we had 64 players at WATC so this is a nice growth for the event for sure!

I thought it might be cool to share a few interesting notes across the teams in terms of stats…

Before I do though, the lists can be found here – Updated Lists 9 Apr 2017

  1. By my first count we have 26 Imperial/Renegade/Chaos Knights coming to the event!
  2. Every player using craftworld Eldar is running a Wraithknight except 1 who has chosen to run the Yncarne instead
  3. Riptides are still very popular – 13 (give or take) are coming to the party, most often in Riptide Wings
  4. We have our first sighting of Guilliman in the wild!
  5. Magnus and his drinking buddies show up more than a couple of time in a mini flying circus list
  6. Forgeworld Models are making an appearance – Skathach Wraith Knight, Eldar Corsairs, Chaos Knights, Y’Vahra Riptide… we are seeing them all!
  7. We are only missing Harlequins, Blood Angels, Fallen Angels and Custodes by my count from the main GW range!


This will also be the first event to fully utilise the ITC format here in Western Australia. What’s so exciting about that you ask? Its a much more open way to build lists than we are used to for starters! The changes to the core rules (like destroyer and invisibility) as well as the ability to field multiple knights in a single force is something we have not really seen at competitive events in recent memory. The missions are similar to last years but the way the teams are composed (6 players this year rather than 4) as well as the options in list building have obviously been a very positive change that the community wanted!

Its also great to see so many new players – either veterans returning or new faces for their first event!

Its also fantastic that I will actually get to play this one as Emma has offered to TO the event so I can play! The Sky Serpents are coming for you Perth!