Massaens ObSec May Painting Update

Well then… April was a bust! Bring on May!

The update I did post did not get much further sadly so I have to mark my goals as a fail for April. With the amount of terrain Emma, Rod and I got done, my drive to do more painting ebbed away and that was that. May though… well I have some new drive. 8th ed 40k is coming and we have one last event at the end of May for 7th, one last chance to try my bonkers infiltrate army

May will be the month of the Scorpion!

May, Scorpion

3 units of 10 Scorpions plus my version of Karandras all ready for assembly and painting. Metal models are really interesting to work on again after so long – so different in fact I had to go and buy a new file to clean them up! We have 2 units of the current range Scorpions (metal of course!) and one unit from the dark days of Rogue Trader.

1990 and 1991! Couple of good years there for the Eldar! As you can see the paint strip was largely successful so a brief clean up left me ready to hit them with paint.

Here we have the original RT era Exarch, the current Exarch and my heavily converted Karandras. For the Exarch part, the scale has stayed pretty close (though he is much bulkier in the new version) though were he upright like the RT one, I suspect there would be a height difference. Karandras though towers over them! He is very straight legged in my version and the angle of the head (plus the huge helm!) makes him bigger I suspect.

Eternal Crusade being free to play has also been a boon for me – it gave me the opportunity to get some inspiration for colour schemes!

Best of all I can swing the model around to get many different angles for reference!

During my initial days of playing the game, the servers went down for a day or 2 – and longing back in I discovered I had been given some premium currency which I immediately spent on the alternate colour scheme for the scorpions!

Its mostly a helm change up but there are lots of little colour differences. I am hoping by combining the 2 I can make 3 different but visually linked colour schemes.

Wish me luck!