ObSec Organised Play Bill of Rights

Bill of Rights

The ObSec Bill of Rights has been some time in the making. Over the last 18 months, we have been taking feedback from players at each and every one of our events – some formally through surveys, some direct of players on the day and others that have been sent to us post event.

The core reason for the Bill of Rights to exist is to make sure every attendee at our events understands exactly what is expected from them for their behaviour and conduct, for the hobby element of the events and what they can expect us to uphold in regards to the events to make it as enjoyable as possible for everyone. This will apply to all events we host going forward from the 1st of May 2017.

The Objective Secured Organised Play Bill of Rights

Before diving into the Bill of Rights, I want to take a second to acknowledge the inspirations for this document.

The first page and core of the document comes from one of the local gaming clubs – Outpost 6030. Many (many!) years ago while I was an active committee member of the club, the gamers bill of rights was developed and its still included in their players packs today. Mine uses that document for inspiration and updates it to cater for our events and how times have changed in the community.

The second page is largely from the team at Frontline Gaming and their ITC event. It focuses on the sportsmanship element of the games and gives a basis of how issues can be resolved on the table as well as conduct expectations. The version I have used (with my own changes) is still a work in progress for them as I understand it – but I really think the core values it laid out worked for what we wanted to achieve.

The third page is my own work – for quite some time, the 3 colour minimum rule for painting has been in play but it has always created issues of clarity and sadly, people often take this concept to the extreme (I saw an army years ago which had the player grab 3 colours on a pallet and then apply them in a straight line on every model with a toothbrush!) Taking a leaf out of Warhammer World events, we have defined the expectations for people to maintain the standard of the events and improve peoples experience.

I am sure in the coming months (and years) this document will change and evolve but I think its important that players know what is expected of them and of their opponents as well as us – the organisers. When everyone is clear on the expectations and its applied consistently then everyone has the same opportunities. Its not a document to penalise players or their hobby abilities – but to encourage the right behaviours in everyone.

If you have any feedback for us about this – feel free to get in touch!