ObSec Pod Cast Episode 8 – Rules of Engagement

Episode 8 : Rules of Engagement

Rules of Engagement


Rules of Engagement sees me joined by my wife Emma to discuss the Objective Secured Organised Play Bill of Rights and just what that means for players at ObSec events.

We cover the core 7 things gamers can expect from events we host and what our obligations are to them when they buy a ticket as well as covering sportsmanship standards at every event. Most importantly, we cover in great length the nitty gritty of the assembly, painting and basing of armies at our events to answer some of the questions we have had from players off the back of the document being released.

Rules of Engagement

This episode trips closer to an hour and ten then the usual hour we do and being honest, I can see a part 2 of this episode in the future as we could have talked for much longer! It would be great if you downloaded the document (linked above) and then had a listen and gave us your thoughts and feedback! We are always keen to hear from listeners and this topic is one that we are still ironing the kinks from. How other communities around the world handle these things would be really interesting and helpful for us to hear about!

Do your local events enforce painting standards? What happens when people don’t paint and turn up with the models as they are? Are their models removed or is the policy a lenient one? We want to hear from you!

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