ObSec Painting Challenge – May Reader Edition

We have had more and more submissions for the ObSec painting challenge from readers of the website which has been awesome to see, just remember to send pictures guys! – we have a new project to add today as well as an update to share. Keep them coming in guys!!

Reader 1 – Steve

Steve was actually what inspired me to start this challenge to the readers – thanks mate! Its a great idea!

Hey guys, here’s my first submission for the painting challenge.

Well, with Skulls out of the way it’s time to knuckle down and get some painting done! I re-started the hobby last year after a 10-year hiatus and went straight back into Black Templars. I’ve always loved their colour scheme and fluff from when I got my first 40k box – the 3rd Ed Starter box with the Templars on the cover. I’ve also always been more of a modeller than a painter, so despite over a year back in the hobby I’ve only actually got 21 models completed…

First up was the army selection to paint. With 8th Ed around the corner, rather than trying to guess a future list I’m going to paint the army I took to Skulls last weekend – shown in the photo from the day. It’s all 3-colour minimum at this stage to get it on the tabletop and includes:

The Emperor’s Champion


20-man Chainsword Crusader Squad

10-man Bolter Crusader Squad

5-man Assault Terminator Squad

Ironclad Dreadnought

3-man Centurion Squad

2 Drop Pods

Typhon Heavy Siege Tank

The second photo shows what the paint scheme looks like when finished. The aim is to get one unit finished per month – it doesn’t sound like much but it’s a huge step up for me! The Neophytes from the big squad are done, and the Bolter Crusaders are nearly done. Lumping the characters together with the Terminators and the Dreadnought with the Centurions gives me 6 “units” there that need major work so hopefully that should have me done just in time for Masters – fingers crossed! I’ll aim for a new one every fortnight.

Cheers guys!


Reader 2 – Mark (Update 1)

Mark from Albany here with an update. 

1st stage complete finished Celestine and the twins. Gahhh I really want plastic sisters now. Loved painting these models. My black crackle paint doesn’t seem to work as good as my white so I had improvise with their bases.

I also picked up a 2nd hand knight and set about the repainting and basing of that. I love large bases.


Next stage for my painting will be working on my 30k space wolves to get them ready for War in the Wasteland down here in August.

I have a plasma predator(built already), wolf guard and death sworn to build and paint.

Well that’s all for now catchya with my next update.

The less said about the end of my April painting the better! I will be back tomorrow with an update and what I have planned for May!- Massaen