WATC Armies on Parade – AKA photos, photos and more photos.

I finally got up the courage to download the photos from WATC onto my computer. Wow! So many photos! and more importantly some seriously AMAZING armies. I think I have worked out the downside to having so many players at an event, there are so many armies to photograph! I have to apologise, by the time I got down to the tables at the back of the room it was literally shoot as quickly as I could so that we could get the armies moved and the next round could get started. In hindsight, 30 minutes to enter the scores for the round and then get photos of more than 70 armies may have been a smidge ambitious! The last few photos in this post will be photos of the actual last games in progress. I didn’t get many photos of the actual games but I will endeavour to get more next time.


Mikes list this year was very much just a stripped down version of his LVO list – losing those 350 points though saw him back on forth on a list for weeks! He must had made the right call though as he managed to win every game he played! You can see the full photos of his list for LVO in THIS POST.

We had a great range of armies present on the day as well. You can find the army lists here if you are interested in seeing just who brought what! We had forgeworld lists and models out as well this time, something that’s unusual for the Perth Community and the overwhelming majority of players were very much happy and in favour of that continuing!

Army wise, we had pretty much every codex featured in some way or another, I know M with his corsairs faced Tyranids/Genestealer Cult game 1, Chaos Daemons in Round 2, Militarum Tempestus/Sisters of Battle Game 3 and a White Scars Battle Company Game 4 – so a pretty varied field just for him!

Let the games begin: