ObSec Pod Cast Episode 9 – Gaming the Game

Episode 9 : Gaming the Game

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Gaming the Game sees me joined by my wife Emma to discuss the Perth Metagame for Warhammer 40,000 events – or at least, that’s where the conversation starts! We got this question via our facebook page and rather than waiting till we got home, we decided to record the conversation in the car!

We cover what meta gaming is, what the meta was like during 7th edition Warhammer 40,000, take a look at win at all costs, discuss how you can be part of or drive the meta of your chosen game and more. Choosing what you want to play can work for you or against you and that’s all part of the wonder that is a metagame!


This episode is shorter than a usual and the audio is not the best as we recorded the episode in the car (hence the background noise) but I think the conversation is a great one and hopefully you will find it interesting! We are always keen to hear from listeners and this topic is just one that we have received from our community – if you want to hear us discuss a topic then let us know!

Do you try and take the local meta into consideration when picking your army for an event? What does your meta look like? Do you have success with units that might not fit that perceived meta? We want to hear from you!

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