ObSec Painting Challenge – Reader Edition June Update

We have a couple of reader entries for June today to share some great progress – be sure to send your stuff in so we can all share the inspiration!  Massaen


Hi guys, back again with my update for June. This month I kinda fell behind with life and all but I did make some progress. I managed to finish off number five for my Rubric marines. I decided to spice it up a bit and do the Rubric armed with the soul reaper cannon for a slightly different pace instead of just another Bolter Marine.

To speed up the process I also painted a couple of bases before I needed them. This makes painting the bases a lot easier to get the details.


As you can see it’s a slow process but the tooth pics makes things easier to handle. Going with the soul reaper cannon I have gone down the path of full unit size. Not sure how this will play out in the new edition, but with the information available for the Rubric marines the should be a reasonably solid and hard hitting force with the buffs that both Magnus and Ahriman provide. The step with this unit will be to add a couple of the flamers to the unit as well and give them a transport. Depending on how the trusty Rhino holds up with the new edition and what the average point levels for tournament play ( GW has chucked the 2000pt game in about 2 hours), I could even go down the Land Raider route as these no longer suck for chaos and will provide some long range heavy hitting power that a Tzeentch list may require.

Next is Magnus. I got this model with some gift cards and money I got for my 40th birthday. Being such an awesome gift I needed to make sure I got things spot on. Although GW is an amazing model manufacture, sometimes there are some some gaps in the joins and this would just not do.

While the modelling aspect went smoothly the painting kinda hit a few snags. I previously had mentioned that I wanted to achieve the look as the same as what is on the box, or as close as I could manage. This proved to be a problem for me as I got to the wings/feathers on Magnus. Using the same paints as what is stated they used, I was unable to get even close to how the wings/feathers look on the box. Completely unhappy with how they looked, I had to strip all the feathers/wings with cotton buds and nail polish remover. Sad times yes, but happy with how it’s all turned out in the end.

I still have plenty more of Magnus to go and another 5 Rubric marines, but with the info available about 8th ed and chaos. I can start to build a picture of what my list will look like. A unit of Scarab Occult terminators was always going to be on the list, now the question will be in a Land raider or not, more than likely yes as the model is one of my favourite vehicles. Another unit of Rubrics as well as plenty of spawn for the list and Magnus to turn characters into. So my challenge for the rest of this month is to finish off Magnus and the rest of the Rubrics. Fingers crossed


June saw me complete the 3 characters I pledged to paint prior to 8th ed, the shadowseer, the troupe master and the death jester. Then 8th ed dropped and a lot of my free time was taken up with actually playing games and reading up on the rules and unit stats. So my painting time took a bit of a hit.

Also, due to the new edition harlequins changed a fair bit. Firstly, troupe masters are now characters. Secondly, harlequin kisses got really expensive. As such that my old list was too expensive and not that good anymore. It also meant the other weapon options were suddenly viable choices again. As such I have had to redo some of the models with new arms and also try and work out an army list I am happy with. Unfortunately I have been mainly focused on playing some craftworld eldar at the moment but am hoping to start working on the harlequins again soon. This has lead to a bit of a stall in painting as well as I am reluctant to put paintbrush to model until I am at least kind of happy with the unit composition.

One unit I am happy to paint will be a unit of 5 harlequins all armed with fusion pistols. With the change to vehicles and opened topped vehicles the starweaver has got a lot more survivable. In addition, units mounted on the starweaver can shoot out of it during the shooting phase. On top of that pistols can be shot even when in close combat. So what better way to shoot fusion pistols then in driveby attacks out the back of starweavers as they charge in and out of combat.

As such they will be my pledge for the coming weeks, until I can sort out the army list a bit better to get an idea of how the other units will be composed. As an added bonus though I did work on updating my Eldar in preparation for any upcoming tournaments such as War Calls I might be able to enter in that will require minimum painting standards. First off the production line was a Hemlock Wraithfighter as I can see this being a staple in most of my lists for 8th ed as it is one of the best units available to eldar.


Unfortunately for me I am back to work soon so hopefully my painting time doesn’t disappear as real life takes its toll.