ObSec Pod Cast Episode 10 – Into the Darkness

Episode 10 : Into the Darkness

Pod Cast

In a special spotlight podcast, Massaen delves into the dark city of Commorragh to see what the newly christened Drukhari (aka the Dark Eldar) are looking in the 8th edition of Warhammer 40,000. With a couple of games under his belt, Massaen has plenty to say about the insidious and devious Dark Kin.

We look at Massaens initial experience has been with this army – perhaps his favorite in the extensive library of armies! – and what the future might hold for the devils of the webway including his plans for finally finishing the enormous back log of miniatures from 5th edition that have sat patiently in shadows… waiting to strike!

You can learn a bunch about the Drukhari online but Massaen has a few recommendations – you can check out the Dark City Forums (where Massaen helps out running the site), listening to the awesome Splinter Mind Pod Cast as well as reading about one of Massaens first games against a long term friend and gaming rival Matt Shadowlord from 3++ is the new black website.

Do you want to embrace the darkness or have you already sought refuge in its embrace? Have the dark kin proved their metal in the fires of combat and you wish to gloat? Are you ahead of the curve and already using Mandrakes? Do you have 100+ razorwing flocks (with pictures for us to share!)? We want to hear from you!

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