Mixed Doubles and Iron Assault photo reel

Hi again everyone,

In an effort to increase the number of posts next to my name and to put further distance between the number I have written and how many DR has written I am doing the photos for the Mixed Double and Iron Assault WMH event as a separate post from the write up. (Yeah, I’m not competitive at all, M is so far ahead of me that I am just not even going to try and catch him!).

If you were at the event and I don’t have photos of your army please accept my apologies. Normally I try and get pics of armies on parade at lunchtime but I missed that and then I was going around trying to get photos of each table but I got so caught up in looking at the models that I got lost and couldn’t remember which models I had seen and taken photos of and which I hadn’t.

Here we go:

First up the Iron Assault WMH event. There were no painting requirements for this event as this was the first WMH event we have run and we wanted to ease the players into ObSec without strict painting requirements. Some players really made an effort and got their models painted and table ready, others didn’t quite get there. No judgement, I’m only mentioning it because we aim not to have bare plastic on the table and not in photos as a general rule and so if you see bare plastic in these pics I thought it was worth mentioning why.



We also had 64 40k players, made up of 32 teams. Our intention was to introduce women into the game in a gentle, supported event. Out of the 32 teams, 5 were actually mixed teams with Alison as the only returning female player from last years event, it was great to have Alison back and wonderful to welcome 4 new women to the events. Of course it was also welcome to have some familiar male faces and great to have some new guys along as well (I am aware that some of those ‘new’ guys played in events/tournaments in older editions of the game but this was the first time I had met you at an event and certainly at an ObSec event so it was great to have you there.)



As I wrote in my previous post about the event, big congratulations to our winners (list of ranking can be found here), Raging Honour (peer judged sportsmanship award), Double Doug (peer judged painting award), Terrible Persons Cabal (Best Overall) and Keeley’s Heros (Highest ranking couple), Neil Stoney (peer judges sportsmanship award and runner up) and Earl Clarke (WMH winner). I photobombed the awards ceremony after being presented with a Community Engagement Award. It was a very lovely surprise to be presented this award by M and Mixed Doubles player Alison Newton and of course it was lovely to be acknowledged for the work that I have put into building an inclusive gaming community in WA. I really was not expecting it and did nearly cry which could have been a result of embarrassment, appreciation or sleep deprivation or a combo of all three. So thanks for the acknowledgement and for having me in the winners photo (even if I did feel exceptionally uncomfortable receiving the award and being in the picture!)

Iron Assault