Busy times and Technical issues

Technical Issues

TechnicalIts always frustrating when technology doesn’t do what it should do, or rather, what you THINK it should do. In recent weeks we have had a number of issues from a technical point of view that have made things hard for us to post content – and I figured we should post what we could to keep you all up to date.

In a nut shell – we cant upload anything with any consistency to the website right now and we have no idea why.

The host says its an ISP issue, the ISP says its a host issue but me personally, I think its the NBN roll out and all the upgrades to infrastructure that are impacting our speeds and thus our ability to post content. We hope this is resolved ASAP!

Busy Times

In case you didn’t know – the Southern Hemisphere Open is just under 3 weeks away! Its our biggest event to date with a swathe of tabletop tournaments happening as well as painting workshops, demo games, club displays, board games, role playing games and more!

Its taking a huge amount of our time to organise and prepare for and its leaving us little time for anything else. Once you add in the stress of such a large event to the considerable time required to plan it as well as the not insignificant costs… yes, our focus is squarely on the event over pretty much anything else.

Tickets for SHO can be found HERE for the tournaments, painting competition, workshops as well as general admission if you just want to come along and take a look. We also have our VIP bag available which has a host of goodies in it for those people who want to get the whole swag for the weekend including a fancy bag, t shirt, dice, hat and much more!

Players packs for SHO can be found HERE

Moving ahead

We have one more event post SHO – the 40k WA Masters in November which we will have players pack and info for shortly, though tickets are available now to allow people to lock in a spot.

We will also be on a much needed vacation in October but will still do our best to keep our loyal readers and players up to date with everything going on – especially the 2018 calendar of events!

One thought on “Busy times and Technical issues

  1. You guys are doing a great job and deserve the October break!

    Looking forward to kicking it off in September with the SHO


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