Busy times and wrap up to come


Questions and Answers

Busy doesn’t quite cover things for us at Obsec these last few weeks… or should that be busy months?!? In case you missed it – we have just finished our first convention level event – the SHO or Southern Hemisphere Open. 3 Days and literally thousands of people through the door along side nearly a dozen tournaments, RPG’s and more meant our time was stretched well past what we had available some days!

With the event now wrapped up and sorted, we felt we should give a brief wrap up now and – since we are heading off for a couple of weeks R&R and then inundate you with photos and info when we get back!


SHO has come and gone and it represents the best part of 18 months planning… tears were shed, swearing was common and laughter on the day made it all worthwhile. We have so many people to thank for their time and support in the lead up and post event. Everything ran as we had hoped with only a few minor issues from what we had envisioned. That said, we have plenty of ideas for next year and how we can make it bigger and better in the future! Expect more detailed wrap ups in coming weeks and exit surveys if you came along as well

40k Masters

Our end of year event – the 40K Masters – is not far away now. This is the event that started the ObSec tournament series in 2015 and the 3rd year of this event should be awesome. We have some special prizes being organised for the winners, we have increased the points and tightened up the format for the new edition of 40k as well. 2 days and 2250 points should make one hell of a great weekend. We are aiming to break records with this event (at least for WA!) and have allowed for 80 players – its one not to be missed!


The ATC or Australasian Team Challenge is running this coming weekend in Melbourne. I have been fortunate to be the captain for WA the last 3 years but have handed the reigns off to a Pete Platell this year due to my other commitments. I have still been part of the committee and this years event has shaped up to be a doozy! 6 teams of 8 from around the country (1 team per state) are taking part with glory and bragging rights on the line! We sincerely wish the team the best of luck in bringing home the big win! We are also hopeful of bringing the event to WA in 2018 so we can show off the WA scene to the rest of Australia.


We have had more than a few enquiries about the merchandise from SHO – shirts, hats, bags, objective markers and more – people seem to have forgotten to grab their swag on the weekend and are still keen to be part of the ObSec cool kids club (trademark pending!). Fear not! We will bring an assortment of the remaining merchandise to Masters in November as well as making them available on the webstore shortly.


Busy times warrant a break… and its been very, very busy of late! Emma and I will be taking our very understanding children on a holiday for some needed rest and relaxation. We started saving for this trip 3 years ago and timing it after SHO made sense to get some family time. While we are away we will still have access to our social media pages and will do our best to answer questions about Masters and anything else you might need us for but we hope you will understand that we might not be as speedy in our replies as we typically are! Expect us to get back in full swing come November 1st… probably a little jet lagged mind you!

See you all in November at Masters!