We’re Back! So much to share!

2017 Updates – So Much to Share!

You may have noticed a lack of content of late – here on the website at least. Now that our last event is done and dusted for 2017 I thought a brief synopsis of what’s been happening was in order before we get onto the lengthy posts covering each topic.

If you want the abridged version then head on over to the Facebook page and you will get a general gist!

Southern Hemisphere Open aka SHO

SHO took up months of our lives – so much I find myself still thinking about it now! It probably doesn’t help we are already starting the planning for 2018 and aiming for bigger and better than our first outing. 3 days, quite literally thousands of people, 12 tournaments, hobby workshops, demo games… it just goes on and on! Its a long list to thank as well and its going to take more than this post to cover it! Expect that wrap up in coming days.


After SHO, we needed a break. We had spent a lot of time away from the kids, especially in the 2 weeks prior while we prepared and in all honesty, I think we both felt a little burned out from the stress and long hours. A trip to the USA helped us have some fun as a family and it was very much welcome.


No, not us! DangerRod was not so patiently waiting for his second child who should have been born while E and I were away… but the little one decided to hold off so we were home when she was born. Congratulations to DR and his Partner on her arrival! Needless to say, DR has had his hands full since!

Masters 2017

While the event only finished yesterday, the work started months ago and thanks to a rapid release schedule from GW and FAQ dropping alongside, it meant the lead up was hectic! Congratulations to our winners from the weekend – yet another post to come later in the week!

Other Stuff

With birthdays happening thick and fast at  this time of year for us as well as attending a tournament either side of masters, its been full on! We have codex reviews to do, battle reports and pod casts to catch up on. We have been testing the live streaming to youtube (check the Objective Secured Channel for games from masters!) and hope to do more live games in future. There is so much for us to share its crazy!

I will leave it at that for now – thanks to everyone who came to an event, supported us for SHO, looked after our kids and generally allowed us to do what we are passionate about – building the gaming community!