First Blood – our first event for 2018 – Live!


Our first event of 2018 – First Blood, will be live tomorrow, 20th January 2018 (GMT +8) starting at 9am! Or at least assuming the omnissiah blesses our tech gear!


To start, we will have updates throughout the day live via our facebook page – HERE – where you can talk to us as we check out the room and armies on display – and with 92 players coming tomorrow it should be pretty special to see! If you want to keep up to date with everything we are doing, you can like our page while you are there!

We also should have some of the games streamed live to our YouTube channel – HERE – though our Tech priest (M) is still new to this technology so its been a bit of guess work and trial and error. The connection speeds are the real issue so we will see how we go on the day. Either way you can check out some of our older games, live games from Masters 2017 and more here. 2018 should see more content appearing here so subscribing now will ensure you see everything we share

Feel free to comment while we are live, we are happy to show you close ups of armies and answer questions along the way! We will obviously have a full wrap up post event with photos and more – its an awesome start to the 2018 tournament year here in Western Australia and if First Blood is anything to go by, it should be a huge year for gaming here.