New ObSec Event Logos – By local artist Ryan

Just a little update today – we are fortunate to have many talented artists in the hobby community but that’s not surprise since painting, design and art generally feature in the hobby. Its even better when one of them come to events, supports them, ropes their wife in to help, is a graphic designer and is an all-round nice guy.

Enter Ryan – who you can find on Instagram – @ryanbuckdesign

Ryan worked with us on SHO 2017 and developed our mascots, Bucky and Roblin, and we were so pleased with the results, we have once again engaged his services to do logos for our events throughout the year and going forward.

With nothing but my rambling brief (which he took while we were both playing at a tournament) and a few broad suggestions (it should be literal but not too literal!), Ryan has taken the concepts and run with them, creating logos we are very pleased with!

So without further ado – lets check out the first logo for our events, First Blood!


The Objective Secured calendar of events will be updated to reflect the new logos as they are finalised and approved but given how the first one has come out, the next few should be fantastic as well. I can’t wait to see the WATC logo given the brief I gave him! Should be awesome!

If you are on Instagram, head over and check out Ryans work (and like and share it while you are there!) – and if you need work doing, I am sure he would be open to having a chat with you and seeing if he can meet your needs.

Be sure to check out his Tau while you are at our events… though I know he is working on a new force for 2018 to crush his enemies under the tracks and guns of the forces of chaos! We might just have to do a feature on them in the coming months.


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