2018 – New Year, New Goals

Happy New Year Obsec Readers!

New Year

Moving into the new year that is 2018, we have a bunch in store for readers/listeners/viewers/attendees or however you may be following us! Its a great opportunity to share some of these with you now so you can see what we hope to bring you.


First up, some much needed time and money is being spent on our terrain stores – 8th edition has really highlighted just how important terrain is now and the sets we have need some work to get the most out of the rules. Expect us to block up some windows in ruins, add bases to much of the terrain and then set a minimum volume per table of 25% coverage with half being line of sight blocking. It might not happen straight away but that’s the goal for this year. Its likely to include a few extra tables as well to add some more variety.

New Streaming / Top Table

We have a realm of battle from Games Workshop sat here in (along with a bucket load of terrain) earmarked for a pretty fancy table. The goal is a highly detailed paint job with multiple integrated pieces of terrain that will allow us to video battle reports like never before seen! Its a big project for sure but one we hope will really show off the armies that battle across it as well as being innovative and enjoyable to play on. Watch this space as this project takes shape!


Our new look events calendar has been a massive improvement on previous versions of the website we think you’ll agree. Its easier to navigate, easier to get all the info you need and even buy a ticket. We have a few more changes to come to make it even better but for now we think its ace! We have already sold out our first event for the new year with no less than 80 players for First Blood in just under 2 weeks time! If you want to get tickets for our events, get in fast because this year looks like its going to be a busy one!

Pod Casts, Videos and Live Streams

We dabbled in pod casting in 2017 and we are aiming to ramp it up in 2018 with some more consistent and regular episodes. This will also likely involve some improvements to the hardware to get better audio quality and allow us to have a more polished show for you to listen to. We already have a few interviews lined up for our episodes so stay tuned!

Our live streams on our Facebook page have been a huge hit so far – the interactivity has been great and we are covering topics relevant to our community but we don’t want to stop there! We want suggestions for future episodes! We have a few planned so far but the more the merrier. The goal is every Wednesday to do a Q&A for our followers on anything and everything gaming related! We also will be looking to do more live hangouts via youtube to discuss topics of interest (along with another venture into Aushammer we hope!)

Suffice to say you should be seeing and hearing a lot more from us in 2018 – Battle reports, reviews, interviews and more!


You can expect more on the website as well as we move into the new year – hobby blogs as I get stuck into a couple of new forces I have planned, Danger Rod returning to join in the fun now his life has settled down a touch, Emma writing about her gaming experiences despite not being a gamer and many more guests. Tournament coverage, product reviews, army lists and more.


The Southern Hemisphere Open was a great success for 2017 and we are aiming higher in 2018 – We had David Annandale from Black Library join us in 2017 and we very much hope he is roping in all his fellow authors to make the trip down under and join us this year. We should have more vendors, bigger events, more workshops, RPGs, board games and demos and so much more. We really appreciate the support the community gave us in 2017 and we want to see SHO grow and reward everyone for their continued support!

So from all our authors and contributors, Emma and Myself, we hope to see you in 2018 as we continue to grow Objective Secured into the new year.


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