S.H.O 2017 Players Packs

Here you can find all the players packs for the 2017 Organised play events being run at the Southern Hemisphere Open as well as any relevant downloads and links. You can buy tickets via the Eventbrite page HERE

Below you can find the players packs broken up by game system – please note that several players packs may be available under a single heading pending the actual format of the event. These packs will be updated as and when changes are required.

SHO Warhammer 40,000 – Know No Fear – Last updated 28/8/2017

SHO – Lords of War 1 day Casual Tournament – Last updated 28/8/17

SHO 2017 Horus Heresy Players Pack – SHO Your Allegiance – Last Updated 27/8/17

S.H.O. Age of Sigmar Masters 2017 Players Pack – Last updated 1/9/2017

S.H.O. Hobbit & Lord of the Rings SBG 2017 Players Pack – Last updated 1/7/2017

S.H.O. Malifaux 2017 Players Pack – Last updated 1/7/2017

S.H.O. Infinity 2017 Players Pack – Last updated 6/9/17

SHO Bowl 2017 Players Pack – Last Updated 25/8/2017

SHO 2017 Bolt Action Players Pack – Take Cover! – Last Updated 25/8/17

SHO 2017 Warmachine/Hordes Players Pack – The Iron SHO – Last Updated 27/8/17

SHO 2017 XWing Players Pack – Never tell me the odds! – Last Updated 30/8/17


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Players Packs

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