Here you will find useful Links for gamers, modellers and collectors alike. You will also find results from the various events hosted by Objective Secured in the past. If you have a resource that we should know about – let us know! Get in touch via the CONTACT US page so we can share the information with the community.




Australiasian Team Challenge 2017 Players Pack

Objective Secured 2017 Event Results

First Blood and Glory 2017 Results

First Blood 40k 2017 Results

Line Breaker 2017 40k & Horus Heresy Results

Western Australian Team Challenge 40k 2017 Results

June 2017 3 Day Bonanza, Age of Sigmar/Horus Heresy/Bolt Action Results

War Calls 2017, an 8th edition 40k Matched Play Event

Mixed Doubles 40k Narrative & Iron Assault (WMH) 2017

40k Masters 2017 Matched Play Event Results

Objective Secured 2016 Event Results

First Blood 2016 Full Results

Slay the Warlord 2016 Full Results

Line Breaker 2016 Full Results

Western Fringe 2016 Full Results

WATC 2016 Full Results

Mixed Doubles 2016 Results

Masters 2016 Full Results

BattleShock 2016 Full Results


Objective Secured 2015 Event Results

Western Australian 2015 Masters 40k



Useful links for everyone!


List Writing, Missions and Gameplay

Missions and You


Supporters of Objective Secured Events

7LandHand – local podcasters and supporters of Objective Secured events!

7LandHand – for all the old episodes.

Head to Facebook and follow the team as well!


Tactics WA – our friendly local gaming store


Tactics WA

Army Painter – for when you want an army on the table fast


Frontline Gaming – producing the fantastic FAT mats and much more

Frontline Gaming

Kabuki – high quality display models or unique heroes for your forces


Kromlech – conversion parts and accessories (an Ork players dream!)


Micro Art Studio – makers of great terrain and resin bases

Microart Studio

Secret Weapon Miniatures – a great company specialising in resin conversion kits, bases, terrain and much more

Secret Weapon Miniatures

Got a resource to share? Get in touch with me so I can add it here!

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  1. Thanks for the great tournament and posting the results so quickly. Is there any chance of getting more detailed results for the different awards categories of the 2016 40k Masters?

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