Horus Heresy – Mechanicum Ursarax Vs. Vorax – Unit Comparison

Two of the 30k Mechanicums dedicated close combat units, both equally lethal on the tabletop. Lately I’ve seen a number of posts from people trying to compare Vorax Vs. Ursarax when building an army. So lets take a look and break them down. Overview – The Mechanicums Hunter Killers – Vorax Class Battle Automata Starting with… More Horus Heresy – Mechanicum Ursarax Vs. Vorax – Unit Comparison

Horus Heresy – The Mechanicum – Warhound

After over a year of building and painting my Mars Pattern Warhound, it’s ready for battle!   The Mars Pattern Warhound I’ve had my Warhound (#3613) for just over two years and I’ve been building and painting it for over a year. I’d built one previously for a commission so the second one (my one)… More Horus Heresy – The Mechanicum – Warhound

Warhammer World – Objective Secured!

Objective Secured visits Warhammer World!   After an hastily arranged trip to the UK recently, me and a good friend Genghiz got to make a pilgrimage to the home of Games Workshop in Nottingham. Tucked away on a small industrial estate Warhammer World is just a small part of the massive complex that makes up GW’s base… More Warhammer World – Objective Secured!

Western Fringe 2016 – a 30k Event – Wrap Up

The 2016 30k event – Western Fringe is done for its first year… and what a weekend it was! We had 18 players duke it out across 2 days and 6 games at 2500 points. Primarchs fell, knights died and legions suffered mortal wounds… and gosh darn it they looked good while doing it! First… More Western Fringe 2016 – a 30k Event – Wrap Up

Where did May go?

Where exactly did may 2016 go? I feel like I might have missed it! We had a bunch go on here in May and I thought I had better catch up on my posting and give some updates! Firstly – and to tie in with the image I have selected for this post, Nurgle has… More Where did May go?